Gold Class Certification

Gold Class Certification

With our Gold Class Certification, you get peace of mind knowing that your car will be completely, properly, and safely addressed. There is more to collision repair than just making things look good on the outside. We go the extra mile to ensure that all the functioning parts of your car are also in good working order for a vehicle on which you can depend.

When you bring your vehicle to a Gold Class car repair shop, you will have the confidence knowing that our technicians know exactly what needs to be done:

• How and where to look for hidden damage that you may not see.
• What can be safely repaired and what needs to be replaced.
• How to inspect and repair air bags and seat belts.
• Current vehicle technologies and repair techniques

The Gold Class represents the industry standard for quality auto service with a premium on safety. You will get your vehicle back with ALL safety implements in place and properly functioning, because your car isn’t just transportation…it’s protection for what matters most.

We will work closely with your insurance to make sure that all repairs meet manufacturer’s specifications and are complete and accurate.

We provide:
• Free Pick-Up and Delivery
• Complementary Detailing
• Dealer Preferred
• Competitive Rates
• Free Estimates, No Appointment Necessary
• Towing Services
• Rental Services
• Insurance Estimates Accepted
• Lifetime Warranty

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